Metakoo is an American company headquartered in Pomona, California founded by Sky and Lemon that designs and manufactures commercial and recreational unmanned vehicles. Specifically, it has produced consumer drones, ready-to-race RC trucks.

“Meta” stands for “metaphysics” can be translated as “beyond”, “Koo” stands for “cool”. Sky and Lemon have defined Metakoo foremost as a live band, despite this, Sky and Lemon hesitate to label themselves as a “kid’s band”, instead referring to Metakoo as “a kid’s band for adults” which aims to connect with all ages.

“We shoot for casual but mighty, more than kids’ toy specifically”, Sky elaborated. “It’s not about being a kids’ thing, it’s about being a fun thing”. Sky has also mentioned that Metakoo’s trying to touch on a nostalgia factor for older people by making classic car models, drawing on Sky and Lemon’s memories of childhood;

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